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Zaklada DadićSvrha Zaklade je promicanje razvoja civilnoga društva i pružanje financijske pomoći učenicima i studentima...


mreza Zelena mreža d.o.o. društveno poduzeće koje djeluje u području zelenog poduzetništva kao aktivator zajednice...


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General information

Association "MI" - Split since its inception in 1997 has implemented support programs for citizens and community development by encouraging cooperation, solidarity and civic activism in order to establish social cohesion.

Association has been functioning continuously as an active non-profit business entity that employs 5-15 workers with the engagement of part-time employees and volunteers. The name of the association reflects the basic objectives of the association and stresses unity among people.

Association Activities

In its initial stage MI was connected to the program for refugees and displaced persons, supported by an international organization International Rescue Committee. Founders of the association were engaged in that program. The needs of refugees and community needs related to the consequences of war were the first interest of association Mi. Later Mi expanded to other needs of the community: care for the elderly, the problem of suicide, poverty, development of volunteering and civil society.

Management, logistics and financial and administrative activities of the Association


• Transparency and internal control; separated managing and implementing functions

• External Management Board (prominent community members)

• Positive audit reports (donors, international and domestic audit firms);

• Praise of an international auditing firm for the transparent procedure for granting funds to other organizations

• 3 offices renovated and equipped: Sinjska 7, Sibenska 27, Branimirova 1 in Split

• Ownership of an office space (private donation)

Financing of the association

Financing has been ensured through combined resources, predominantly from international funds, with funds from local and state budgets and revenue from sales of services.

Three locations in Split

The Association operates at three locations: Sinjska 7 - space owned by Mi; Sibenska 27 and Branimirova 1 - spaces allocated for activities for seniors by the City of Split. The spaces are equipped and adapted for specific activites.

Geographical area

The geographical area of operation of the organization depends on the program: local implemention of program for the elderly, in four Dalmatian counties implementation of  program for development of volunteering and civil society; program of community development in areas of special state concern.

The structure of the association

Association members are mostly humanistic studies professionals, in addition to others interested in implementing the organization's mission.

The structure of organization regulated by the statute defines the assembly as the highest governing body chaired by the president of the association, the board members who voluntarily perform their function and are not employed in the program implementation and the director. If necessary, a program team is established and other working bodies. Activities are implemented by the project teams, while the financial and administration team provides the organizational functioning.

Activities' purpose
The purpose of the work of the organization is to support personal and social development based on charity and philanthropy. Association's name stresses solidarity among people as the fundamental goal of its activities.


Association Mission
Our mission is to support personal and social growth within the community and promote the values of charity and philanthropy through: direct services for vulnerable groups, building the society of tolerance and diversity through supporting citizen participation, civil initiatives and volunteer work.



The Association conducts its activities in two areas:

Community development and democratization

Community-building and psychosocial support

Volunteer Center

Quality of life of the elderly –Mi and the wisdom of Split, Golden Age Community Center, Mi center for care and assistance

Community development activities

• Long term partnership with UNHCR through working in the affected areas: encouraging local initiatives, partnerships and implementation of local projects, working on psychosocial barriers to community development (approximately 60 communities involved in activities)

• Partnership with CFOR – an organization from London

• Encouraging cooperation and partnerships among NGOs, local administration and business

Provision of social services

• Long term partnership with UN agency for assisting refugees (UNHCR) in providing psycho-social, humanitarian and legal assistance to refugees and internally displaced people during the war and postwar period in the area from Zadar to Dubrovnik
• Providing services for the elderly - within-sector and intersector cooperation, direct work with beneficiaries; advocating for more just and humane attitude towards the aged and aging;
• Establishment of specialized institution for assistance and home care for senior citizens
• Involvement in South East Europe Network of organizations for improving working with the elderly "Help Age"
• Coordinating of National network of organizations working with the elderly
• Participation in the preparation of JIM
• Participation in the pilot project MZSS and the World Bank for the provision of social services
• Education on standardization of social services - Director of the institution - certified
• City of Split Strategy for the provision of social services by nonprofit organizations 2008 - 2011;

Director moderated the process and prepared the text, director of the institution has coordinated the work of the Working Group for Elderly Services, Coordinator of the Volunteer Center coordinated the work of the working group for the development of civil society and volunteerism.

Promotion and development of volunteering

• At the national level: participation in the work of the National Committee for the development of volunteering; N. Ivelja – coordinator for one mandate, two members of association in working groups and round tables for the moderation of Law of volunteering, producing the volunteer booklet - used at the national level, two national awards for development (Association MI) and the promotion of volunteerism (Slobodan Škopelja) in 2001 - Int. Year of Volunteers;  encouraging the creation and coordination of the Croatian network of volunteer centers; contract with MOBMS for regional volunteer center activities
• At the regional level - Regional Volunteer Center active since 2000;  presentations and technical assistance in 4 counties; encouraging opening of other volunteer centers; City of Split medal for humanitarian work and development of volunteerism, encouraging corporate social responsibility
• At the international level: participation in Volonteurope network and CEV - European Network of Volunteer Centres, a partnership with Volunteer center Ancona-Italy and National volunteer center -Rome; partnership with agency MOVISIE from the Netherlands, sharing experiences with organizations in BiH.

The development of civil society 

• Advocating for the adoption of and participation in creating the Strategy for creating an enabling environment for civil society (1998 - 2004), two representatives of the association members of the working group, moderation of regional round tables, presentations at national and international conferences
• Council for the Development of Civil Society (Governmental Office for NGOs) - government-appointed, N. Ivelja member over one term and the president over one mandate
• Regional Centre for Civil Society - since 2000 (working in 4 counties); agreement with National Foundation for Civil Society Development
• Cooperation with about 650 organizations in the region and country (interactive database of associations, website, maintaining mailing lists for CSOs in the region-approximately 250)
• Two trainers educated to provide training on project management according to EU standards
• Two certified consultants for the implementation of quality assurance work of NGOs – SOKNO
• long-term  agreement with USAID to support the development of NGOs and civic initiatives in the region (technical assistance, networking, allocation of financial resources)
• Initiation and coordination of the work of the Forum for Civil Society Development of Split-Dalmatia County, help in establishing the Forum of NGOs in Sibenik, Zadar, Omis, Solta ...
• Establishing the Foundation "Kajo Dadić" to help students of lower economic status (three monthly scholarships) and civil society development, the contract with the National Foundation for Civil Society Development in providing financial support to organizations and initiatives in the region
• Consultation services to local administration offices - City of Split, Sibenik, Zadar, Zadar County, City of Omis, the Municipality of Stari Grad, Hvar, Metkovic


• Institutions
• Children-Children in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools are involved in the activities of volunteering and intergenerational networking
• Local citizens-One of the fundamental pricipals of the association is direct work with beneficiaries, so that citizens are the target group in a number of projects. We relate to them with the intention of informing and raising public awareness, gathering volunteers and providing services.
• Refugees-persons displaced aftre the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, residing in the area of Zadar to Dubrovnik in collective centers and private accomodation, are the beneficiaries of psychosocial and legal services. The tendency is to reduce the target group by finding durable solutions to their refugee status.
•    Local authorities – with the idea of community development local authorities are important for the association in several ways: as an associate, partner and beneficiary of educational services and community mobilization. The association works primarily with local authority representatives in the four counties from Zadar to Dubrovnik, but also in other Croatian regions.
•    Youth - young people are included through educational activities, through volunteering and providing direct services (refugees, suicidal people).
•   Civil Society Organisations
•    Staff in education -all projects have been realised in cooperation with educators, and in part of the program they are direct beneficiaries of educational services. Projects are primarily focused on a number of educators in Split from various educational institutions.
•   Volunteers
•    Associations-NGOs in the four counties from Zadar to Dubrovnik, but also in other areas of Croatia are beneficiaries of services within Centre for Civil Society Development program, as well as collaborators in the implementation other programs of the association. Organisations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, have repeatedly used the available services.


Grant providers:

  • AED
  • OESS
  • UNDP
  • CNF

Spin offs

Foundation Kajo Dadić. Mi center for care and assistance and Green Network ltd

Association Mi has established three separate organizations:
• Foundation "Kajo Dadić" whose activities support students with low income families and civil society development
• social institution: "Mi center for care and assistance" which provides non-institutional services to older people
• social enterprize Green Network (Zelena mreža d.o.o.)


Foundation Kajo Dadić

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote civil society development through financial support to civil society organizations and the support of intersectoral cooperation as well as providing financial assistance to students.

The foundation, within its means, provides technical and financial support to programs that promote sustainability of non-profit sector, cross-sectoral cooperation, civic initiatives, philanthropy, volunteerism, improves democratic social institutions, as well as other programs which fulfill the basic purpose of the Foundation.

A supporting member becomes a legal or private person who will commit to a yearly payment to support the Foundation, by 01. April of the current year:
- Legal entity minimum of 500 EUR or HRK equivalent value
- Private persons at least 50 EUR or HRK equivalent value

Mi center for care and assistance

Institution MI - Center for care and assistance is a newly established institution, founded by Association Mi that has continuously implemented the elderly program since 1998.

In order to specialize, extend services and increase the number of beneficiaries, in response to their demands, the Association Mi founded a non-profit institution for direct home assistance. The Association, in the role of the founder, will monitor the activities of the institution.
Through various activities the need to change social consciousness and provide dignified aging is being promoted. The institution takes over from the founders and develops activities of direct assistance for elderly and disabled people. In provision of meals on wheels, there is a cooperative relationship with the Home for youth with behavioural problems and the Department of Social Welfare of the City of Split. Experienced staff from the association have been transferred to the institution (social worker and project manager), ensuring experience, quality and faster development.


Zelena mreža d.o.o / Green network ltd

In many years of work in small, rural communities, we noticed that local associations, OPG's, cooperatives and initiatives lack the necessary capacity - either human or financial for placing products on the market. Association MI during his work acquired various acquaintances with different entrepreneurs / restaurateurs / educational organizations / experts who have contributed to the design ideas Green Network and decided to establish a company based on Association's mission. Green Network will try to contribute to the development of rural communities in the region of Dalmatia and Lika and motivate potential subcontractors - collaborators for the production of certain products on the market and have the potential to take care of product placement.

The framework of action of Green Network is agriculture which is the mainstay of a healthy and integrated production on clean and unpolluted areas of Lika and Dalmatia.


Udruga "MI" - Split je partner Nacionalne zaklade u provedbi programa Regionalnog razvoja civilnoga društva i lokalnih zajednica.